Code Blue

Silence lulls the deadening halls
Dims and darkens as sunset falls
A start to shift that took off quick
Shown sorted by notes in pen, blue Bic
For now a moment shows little to do
Walking back to my desk, that’s right, new shoes
Caught up with the charting I have no clue
Soon to be hearing the call code blue
Overhead tones that start to ding
Drive the rushing of heart to bring
My speedy arrival to one in need
Keep them breathing and stop the bleed
We have one shot we have the chance
Make it rain so they can dance
We bagged, compressed, gave meds and scanned
Skillfully tried by many blessed hands
You stood your test we did our best
Fight not anymore, your time to rest
From once a full room to empty nest
You’re never forgotten we’re truly blessed
Under eternal spotlight and perfect heart
The storm’s no more, let’s dance, you start!
To honor a life and calm the cries
A moment of silence to say our goodbyes