We Remember

Screams, outcry, chaos, crashes, fire, collapse, loss, and terror are just a few words to describe a tragic event which took place on a morning least expected, yet everyone recalls and one no one forgets. As some set out for work, students were dropped off at school, others on their day off; waking up to what would appear a typical morning for many. As the news broke, many were still on their way by cars, busses, trains and on foot. As planes struck, many innocent lives struggled to escape to safety, as they could hardly see, and even some who leapt to their death from stories high, feeling this would be their only chance before the flames caught on. After the rubble settled and the sky appeared a transparent ashy grey, faces of devastation and loneliness stood clear, yet appeared as dark as it could. Never forget the rescue teams, law enforcement, coworkers, and even one stranger to another who took charge and sacrificed their lives to save any next victim out of the collapsing Twin Towers. One nation never felt as close as it did and remains as strong as it is today, brother for brother, under God. We remember best as 9/11.
Garren Martirossian