Sunset Soldier

This was it. Never did I imagine this day would creep up like a calm before the storm. I stood with impatience to a gloomy afternoon. Awaiting my soldier's arrival downstairs to the hallway, I could hear the commotion in preparation for war. Footsteps began down the stairs, as my eyes grew big to my well dressed son. One final persuasion stood no chance. He loved his country too much to not defend it; much the kind of love a parent would have for their child.  As we headed out the doorway for what seemed like that last time, our eyes could only fill with tears. After all, it only seemed like yesterday we crossed this very street together. But a sudden hope and promise grew strong, as a gloomy afternoon opened to a beautiful sunlit sky. Standing today, I see my little soldier fading into the sunset. Tomorrow, I will see him walk toward me.

Garren Martirossian